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Alaska Science Forum: When volcanoes awaken
“This morning the seismic tremor was down just a little bit from yesterday. We’re hoping it calms down before too long, but it might last for awhile.” Jeffrey Freymueller was on the phone last week with the electric utility in Cold Bay, a community about 40 miles from the Pavlof Volcano, which had been erupting for more than a week. The utility was wondering how much ash fall to expect and whether it would need to...
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State approves SEALs' land use request
The Alaska Department of Natural Resources has approved a request from the Naval Special Warfare center in Kodiak to conduct training missions on state land. In a letter dated Tuesday, natural resource manager Cliff Larson writes, “The Southcentral regional office of the division of mining, land and water has no objection to the Navy SEALs training activities … The activities fall within the category of generally ...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Finding fun in Kodiak’s least-popular sport fishery
Which sport fishery is the least popular on Kodiak Island? Walk down to any beach on the road system today, and the answer is waiting. I’m betting you won’t meet a single angler. June is the peak for catching Dolly Varden trout in the ocean, yet almost no one bothers. Avid anglers fished for them in May rivers, but once these great fish reach the ocean they’re forgotten. Sure, anglers are distracted by the onset o...
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Kodiak Island Raceway results
Saturday, June 1 Pit bikes Heat 1 (3 laps) 1. Steven Pillans; 2. Ashley Hiner; 3. Cody Hockema; 4. Patrick Pickett; 5. Zachary Hamilton; 6. Issac Hiner; 7. Troy Melin; 8. Austin Cowley. Heat 2 (3 laps) 1. Isaac Hiner; 2. Ashley Hiner; 3. Troy Melin; 4. Patrick Pickett; 5. Austin Cowley; 6. Zachary Hamilton; 7. Steven Pillans; 8. Cody Hockema. Main event (5 laps) 1. Steven Pillans; 2. Cody Hockema; 3. Zachary Hamil...
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Rockslide briefly closes Rezanof Drive at “The Dip”
“They’re really moving when they come down.” On Monday afternoon, Kodiak police chief T.C. Kamai peered through a pair of binoculars from his patrol car at the southwest face of Pillar Mountain. For about two hours, traffic stopped between City Pier 2 and City Pier 3 as rocks tumbled down the mountain in pouring rain, littering Rezanof Drive with pebbles and the occasional boulder. Kamai, Kodiak Fire Chief Rome Ka...
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Ferry system looks for interim replacement for Tustumena
As repairs to the Tustumena drag on, the Alaska Marine Highway System is looking for a Band-Aid to patch the hole in its service map. Late last month, the ferry system published a notice directed at boat operators across Alaska: If you have a boat that can carry at least three vehicles and six passengers, the marine highway wants to hear from you. The notice, formally known as a “request for information,” was insp...
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Give us the choice on smoking ban
To the Editor: Here we go again. More government control on its way, less freedom each day. Seems the borough assembly is headed towards more control with a smoking ban. We are well informed about the risks with smoking. We do have choices, do we not? The issue here is when someone else tells another how to operate their business, there is no freedom. The correct method would be to talk to the owner about their co...
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Stop lying
To the Editor: Clinton and Bush both told lies. A copycat is formed to others. On the Benghazi and IRS matters, the in after is there, “I take the fifth!” or “I know nothing or heard nothing!” Some even get by, by saying “I’m sorry!” or “I apologize.” DJ Holder and IRS Lerner are both lying. Lerner gets “leave with pay,” where prison would be better for the matter. The same for DJ Holder, a con who is supposed to ...
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Kodiak Island Births: June 4
• Darianne Hailey Cofranes was born at 3:49 a.m. May 26, 2013, to Princes Anne Olaes. She weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces and measured 20 inches long. Her parents are originally from the Philippines. Her mother works for the Army National Guard and her father works at Safeway and as a cook for the Army National Guard. Proud grandparents are Deomides and Daisy Cofranes from the Philippines and Eduardo and Annabel Olaes ...
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Kennicott aids fishing vessel in distress
The Alaska Marine Highway System ferry Kennicott made an unscheduled stop Sunday afternoon, but it was for a good cause. On a trip from Dutch Harbor to Kodiak, the Kennicott came to the aid of the fishing vessel Erica Renee, which had radioed for help after it began taking on water. “When the Kennicott showed up, it was listing heavily,” ferry service spokesman Jeremy Woodrow said. According to Petty Officer 3rd C...
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