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KHS softball starts slow against Sitka, Juneau
Kodiak’s 2014 softball season started with four consecutive losses in Sitka. On Friday, the Bears fell to Juneau-Douglas 11-0 and Sitka 4-3 and then lost 12-4 to Juneau and 6-3 to Sitka on Saturday. “They are both tough teams,” Kodiak coach Sam Catt said. “I was telling somebody yesterday (Saturday) I don’t really mind going 0-4 right off the bat against what I think are the two best teams in our division.” Juneau...
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Locals have way with pens & lens
More than a local namesake, a school mascot, an international icon and the largest land predator, the Kodiak brown bear is part of everyday life for residents and visitors to the archipelago. We may not encounter a live bruin every day, but we can’t afford to forget their presence when we take a walk in the park or put out the trash. Some Kodiakans go years without seeing a bear, while others make their livings gu...
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Judge rejects witness in Kodiak Coast Guard trial
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — An inmate known as "Eyeball" will not be taking the stand for the defense in a Kodiak Coast Guard double homicide case — at least for now — after a judge ruled Friday there's no proven connection between him and the case. Jason Barnum, 38, got his nickname from a tattoo that darkened the white of his right eye. His face is also heavily tattooed, including one that traces some of the outlin...
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'Bye Bye Birdie' exceeded expectations
To the Editor, This past Saturday evening my wife and I had the pleasure of attending a quite memorable performance of the musical "Bye Bye Birdie" at the high school auditorium. My expectations for the evening were that it would be a typical, enjoyable high school production by the school’s drama club. Instead, much of the performance was at a professional level, worthy of the likes of the (former) Seattle Civic ...
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Mallot seeking to become fist Democratic governor in more than a decade
If his run for Alaska’s top office succeeds, Byron Mallott would be the state’s first Democratic governor since 2002. In Kodiak through Saturday to attend ComFish Alaska and several campaign events, Mallott said his long record in state politics government and business makes him a good choice to bring different sides together. “I believe my experience will allow me to reach out, understand and work with Alaskans o...
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Alutiiq week in Akhiok sees mending nets, baking clams and trash-canning
Linda Amodo, mayor of Akhiok, remembers the taboo of identifying too closely with Aleut culture in her younger days in the village. “Back when we were growing up, because of all the alcoholism, we were not proud to be identified as natives, because we thought native Aleuts were just a bunch of drunk people. But in reality that is not part of the culture. That was introduced,” Amodo said. Now, some two decades late...
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Public Safety Blotter: April 18
Wednesday, April 16 • At 2:25 a.m., a bar check was conducted downtown. • At 2:59 a.m., a bar check was conducted downtown. • At 3:24 a.m., a caller reported a bear getting into the garbage on Woody Way; bear fled into the woods as officers arrived. • At 4:35 a.m., officers removed debris off of E. Rezanof Drive. • At 6:17 a.m., a driver on Mill Bay Road was given a warning for no tail light. • At 6:34 a.m., a fem...
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Ruuwarluni – Arrow Game (verb)

Ruuwarluni – Arrow Game (verb)
 Tamamta ruuwartaallriakut Paaskaami. – We used to all play bow and arrow at Easter time. In the Alutiiq language, the word for “arrow”—ruuwaq—has a variety of meanings. It can be used as a noun to refer to the wooden-shafted, feather-fletched projectiles fired from hunters’ bows. Alternatively, this word can be used as a verb to mean the action of shooting with a bow. For example, t...
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Tapestry: Ever resilient, Bob Hatcher embraced life
Legends don’t die easily. They get thrown down, crushed by adversity, but they rise up, even more resilient. Through their struggles they become stronger and more qualified to be called “legends.” To many, Bob Hatcher was a legend. An amazingly energetic man who never tired of working and socializing, he fought hard against sickness with a zeal for life. While Bob was being treated for cancer, his friend, Anna Cro...
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KHS dance team scores three titles in Hawaii
Kodiak High School’s dance team traveled all the way to Hawaii only to find out they were the only dance squad competing at the Aloha International Spirit Championships. There were plenty of cheer and all-star teams there, but they were not competing in Kodiak’s division. “I’m still proud of the fact that the girls didn’t let it bother them and they performed to the best of their abilities,” Kodiak coach Sarah Nug...
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