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Playbook: Feb. 13
Friday, Feb. 13 Boys Basketball: Kodiak vs. Soldotna at Kodiak High School. C squad, 4 p.m.; junior varsity, 5:30 p.m.; varsity, 7 p.m. Kodiak ESS vs. Birchwood Christian at the Seldovia Tournament, 3:30 p.m. Girls Basketball: Kodiak at Soldotna. C squad, 3 p.m.; junior varsity, 4:30 p.m.; varsity, 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 14 Boys Basketball: Kodiak vs. Soldotna at Kodiak High School. C squad, 2 p.m.; junior varsity,...
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Amazing Nature: Student Science takes a look at Arctic Future
Last weekend was the statewide High School Ocean Science competition called the Tsunami Bowl. The competition is an annual event organized by the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and part of the National Ocean Science Bowl. Nineteen teams from around the State travelled to cold and snowy Seward to spend three days at the High School comparing their prowess in ocean scie...
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You will be missed, Ron Sears
The Clarkston house was pretty somber the past two days. Just when life was getting back to normal after the Seahawks’ Super Bowl loss, I woke up Tuesday to the sad news that a good friend had taken his last breath on Earth. Even though I knew it was coming, it still took my breath away. I couldn’t believe that Ron Sears had died at the young age of 56 from congenital heart disease. Sears was a member of the Daily...
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Part 4 Continued from Feb. 6, 2015 issue, Page 15 EDITOR’S NOTE: This list includes Kodiak fishing vessels that have disappeared during the past two centuries. Many of the non-Kodiak ships that capsized near Kodiak Island had deckhands who were island residents. Captain Warren Good’s original list includes mapping, locations, GPS coordinates and sources for each entry. Those are not included in the Daily Mirror’s ...
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Kalakala demolition crew saving souvenirs of iconic ferry
TACOMA, Wash. — Amid demolition, crews scrapping the ferry Kalakala are saving bolts, pieces of distressed metal with rivets, some railing. The brass trim of windows. Maybe the pistons and connecting rods from the big engine. And they can use it, considering that the office phone at Rhine Demolition Inc. has been ringing non-stop with calls from people seeking those sorts of souvenirs. "They just want a piece of t...
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Alaska Aerospace Corp. floats idea of privatization
JUNEAU — The president and CEO of Alaska Aerospace Corp. said Wednesday that the state-owned corporation would like to become a private company. Craig Campbell told the Senate Finance Committee he does not believe shutting down the corporation and the Kodiak Launch Complex that it owns and operates would be a good decision, given the investment that's been made and the future opportunities. He also said if the sta...
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Red West
Red West was born Donald Neil West in Winchester, Indiana, Jan. 20, 1955. Red was one of 14 children living in a one-bathroom house in the small town of Lynn, Indiana. Red enjoyed good times with his brothers and sisters and he really loved his mom. He spent 12 of his 20 years in the Coast Guard stationed in Kodiak. Red liked the Coast Guard, but he loved the people he got to work with. He enjoyed being able to fl...
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Subsistence office looking to change rural determination process
The Office of Subsistence Management is working on changing how Alaska communities are determined as rural or non-rural as it relates to subsistence harvest of fish and game. Only communities classified as rural are allowed to harvest animals under federal subsistence rules on federal public lands such as the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. Currently, to determine whether a community is rural, the Federal Subsist...
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Try new approaches to community problems
I thought the outcome of Thursday’s P&Z meeting was as it should be, and I thought Scott Arndt did a good job of running the meeting. Dozens upon dozens of speakers spoke during the 4 1/2-hour meeting, which included some witty and salient observations. One person noted that Kodiak consists of two groups of people: the first group enjoys and appreciates living on Kodiak, while the second group is trying to figure ...
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Another Kodiak ship sank in 1993
I noticed you missed a shipwreck that occurred in January 1993; “The Massacre Bay.” The Daily Mirror article was published on Jan. 18, 1993. This was a big one. They had to lease the High School auditorium because there were so many mourners. (About 700 mourners attended) — Karen Lee
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