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City considers reinstating parking fines
The Kodiak City Council is pondering a proposal to reinstate illegal parking fines after they were eliminated by the Alaska Legislature this spring. The ordinance, discussed during a work session Tuesday night, would make parking tickets an administrative offense handled outside the court system. More importantly for Kodiak drivers, the ordinance would also raise the fine for a parking violation to $20 from $10. A...
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Get rid of public input during meetings
To the Editor: I keep hearing a Hotline-Rewarmed segment on our local country station that pretty much says “Bonney Bonney flip-flop when he is up for re-election, Bonney.” It seems to me that 1) we need local government, 2) we should vote out all flip-floppers, and 3) our councilmembers need to be protected from the curse of their own open- (weak-) mindedness. There is clearly a problem here, not only with Tuck B...
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Alaska Science Forum: Taking to the sky to better sniff the air
On a cool spring morning in the mountains of southwest Washington, 12-year old Cathy Cahill helped her dad plant scientific instruments around the base of trembling Mount St. Helens. A few days later, the volcano blew up, smothering two of his four ash collectors. When he gathered the surviving equipment, Cathy’s father found a downwind sampler overflowing with ash laced with chlorine. Tom Cahill of the University...
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New computer business opens
Kodiak’s newest computer business offers website development and repair services for computers and smartphones. 3K3 Computers, co-owned by Cain King and William Kenny, aims to make life easier by offering network setup, preventative maintenance, scheduled backups, emergency repair and live support. “Pretty much anything that the client needs, we can take care of,” King said. King purchased the computer business Co...
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Cable fault causes widespread power outage
A power outage caused by a faulty underground cable left people and businesses in downtown Kodiak without electricity Monday. The power initially went out at 5:13 a.m. in the area near Shelikof Street and Marine Way. Kodiak Electric Association spokesperson Nancy Sweeney said the outage began when an underground cable failed, causing a breaker to open on the bottom feeder of the Hartman substation next to KEA’s do...
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Coast Guard pilot is top shot at precision rifle competition
After two days and 10 hours of intense competition, the results were tied. Then, Kodiak Precision Rifle Competition organizer Joshua Harris added the results of the cold bore stage. With a quick mark of his pen, he put Coast Guardsman Jonathan Welch atop the scoreboard. “First and second were tied the whole way through. The thing that won it was the coldbore event,” he said. “Thank you so much,” Welch said during ...
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Mirsad “Miro” Saric
Mirsad “Miro” Saric, age 62, died Monday, July 8 by his own hand at the family home near Sequim, the home that he shared with his wife, the former Madelyn Layton Poland. Mr. Saric was born to Serif and Fadila (Latic) Saric on March 23, 1951, the eighth of their nine children, in the small city of Chaplina, Bosnia, in what was then the country of Yugoslavia. It was there that he completed his schooling, then went o...
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Hope holds annual fishing trip
The Hope Community Resources recreation and subsistence program returned last week from its annual subsistence fishing trip to Pasagshak Bay with a record number of fish. Hope Community Resources recipients will have their freezers stocked full of sockeye salmon since they caught 500 fish in two days at the reds roundup camp. Hope’s previous record was 400 fish two years ago. This year, participants caught 290 fis...
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Outdoor Kodiak: Deer season opener
Are you getting into the swing of fishing? It’s front and center in our lives right now, but that could get complicated in a little over a week. Deer season opens August 1! The early start to Kodiak’s deer season catches everyone by surprise. It feels as though summer has barely started and fall is still a long way off. To tell the whole truth, most hunters wait until October to start their own deer seasons, but t...
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Births: July 23
Peyton Aurora Panamarioff was born at 5:30 p.m. May 24, 2013, to Andrea Panamarioff and Brandon Phillips. She weighed 5 pounds, 3 ounces and measured 17.25 inches long. Her parents are originally from Ouzinkie and Akhiok where they currently reside. Proud grandparents are Paul and Love Panamarioff from Ouzinkie and Edward Phillips Jr. and Jeanetta Rastopsoff from Akhiok.
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