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School district has adopted ‘common core’ standards
To the Editor: Further proof that KIBSD has adopted nationalized “common core” standards and is data mining our children. According to the Achieve Inc. (the organization that the State of Alaska DEED hired to bring the new Alaskan Standards in alignment with “common core”) website, the state of Alaska has met two out of five benchmarks for fully adopting “common core”. One of those benchmarks is the development of...
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We are a family in Kodiak
I’ve lived in Kodiak for over 30 years and have never written a letter to the newspaper but feel compelled to do so. I awoke at 5 a.m. burdened for our community. I not only want to address the letters of recent but over the years there have been many letters that have been written, shall I say, with maybe not the best intent. We are a family here in Kodiak. Like it or not, we “are” living life with each other and...
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Colony sweeps Kodiak on home course
It was Christmas in September at Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park Friday evening. Over the public address speaker, “Silent Night” was bringing cheer to the crowd, and runners, during a portion of Kodiak’s final home cross country meet of the season against Colony. Unfortunately for Kodiak, Santa did not leave any early Christmas gifts under the tree. Colony swept the boys and girls races, leaving Kodiak winl...
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Around Kodiak: Sept. 23
The joint city-borough fisheries work group will meet at 8:30 a.m. today in the borough conference room, Room 121 of the borough building. The public is encouraged to attend and comment on state fisheries issues that will be discussed at an upcoming meeting of the state board of fish. The downtown Kodiak revitalization special committee will meet at 4 p.m. today in the Kodiak Senior Center on Erskine Ave. For more...
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Fish Factor: Pebble Mine withdrawal hailed as a victory
News that mining giant Anglo-American plans to withdraw from the Pebble Mine project was greeted with joy by opponents who hailed it as a victory for the people of Bristol Bay and for the region’s resources. Pebble would be the largest gold and copper mine in North America, and its location looms over the world’s biggest sockeye salmon fishery at Bristol Bay. But even though London-based Anglo has pulled out of th...
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Garden Gate: Fall is in the air
Yesterday’s autumnal equinox reminded me that it’s not June anymore. Every year, the calendarural event yanks me out of denial. Still, I welcome the change, and as I search for exquisite light in autumn’s sunrises and colorful landscapes, it gives my camera purpose. It reminds me of something that photographer Galen Rowell used to say: “The edges of nature is where you’ll find dynamic light and landscapes.” I noti...
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Guest opinion: Fishermen should give back to their communities
Fishermen should give back to their communities Alaskan salmon fishermen just enjoyed a record season. Over 266 million salmon were harvested this summer, and although the value is still being calculated it is likely to become one of the most valuable catches in history. The incredible abundance of salmon in 2013 is unique, but the formula for success is repeatable: healthy habitat, conservative management, a litt...
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Tourism bureau releases new line of Discover Kodiak products
Discover Kodiak recently launched a new line of products to go hand in hand with the tourism bureau’s new brand. Kodiak’s tourism bureau went through a name change and rebranding earlier this year. They changed the name from the Kodiak Island Convention and Visitor Bureau to Discover Kodiak in an effort to make it easier for visitors to find the information they need. Executive director Chastity Starrett said the ...
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Before the snap
25 seconds. That is how much time a high school football team is allotted between plays — not a lot of time for an essential part of a game. If too much time is spent in the huddle, on the line of scrimmage, the team is penalized five yards. “You don’t have time to even get your breath,” Kodiak junior fullback Kerry Powers said. “You get in the huddle, you get the play and get in your position.” Once a play ends, ...
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Spearfishing record set in Kodiak
In the ocean’s depths, Andy Joca is on top of the world. On Aug. 24, the Coast Guard officer hauled in a world record: a 13.2-pound starry flounder that is the largest ever taken with a spear gun. The record fish was certified by the International Underwater Spearfishing Association and so large that it even tops the rod and reel record. Joca, who has been in Kodiak for just one month, downplays his accomplishment...
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