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Local play opens tonight
The Fairwind Players production of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” opens tonight, with a cast of excellent actors. The play centers on a husband and wife who fight and humiliate each other in front of their guests. The play was written in the early 1960s, and attempted to shed light on the truth beneath a happy perfect image of marriage. Director Jenny Stevens called it “absurdist theatre. There are no answers, t...
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Local candidate preview: Tuck Bonney
Incumbent Tuck Bonney is running for the second time for Kodiak Island Borough Assembly, wanting to help Kodiak through the serious issues he sees coming. Bonney talked about the high cost of living as a concern several times throughout the Sept. 23 debate. “A lot of retirees that want to stay and live here simply can’t afford it because the cost of living is so high,” Bonney said. “That’s one of the things we mus...
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Local candidate preview: David Haught
If he’s elected to the Kodiak City Council, David Haught feels he can help the community work together to solve the issues. “Overseeing the city council and borough assembly meetings from the live broadcasts through KMXT as we are now, I became well aware of issues in the community,” Haught said. “And I decided that I would really like to help the citizens and the city council to work together if I was given the o...
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Local candidate preview: Brenda Schwantes
Brenda Schwantes, a candidate for Kodiak Island Borough Assembly, wants fiscal responsibility and accountability, and for Kodiak to be a place people want to come and stay. “What I don’t like to see is people who love Kodiak leave Kodiak because they can’t afford to stay here or because things draw them out of the community,” Schwantes said. “I believe our community has great potential, a lot more potential for to...
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Stage and Screen: Liam Neeson is a convincing older action hero
Liam Neeson is a very busy actor. IMDB.com lists 103 acting credits for this Irish-born Hollywood action hero phenom. His latest film “A Walk Among the Tombstones” (2014) cements his place in the realm of action heroes. Unlike some of the other members of this group of macho men, Neeson has managed to maintain his appeal into his 60s. He has not had to resort to the cheesy “Expendables 1, 2 and 3” (2010, 2012, and...
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Gronn hired as Parks and Rec director
The City of Kodiak didn’t have to look far for its newest Parks and Recreation director. The city announced last Thursday that Corey Gronn was hired to oversee the Parks and Rec department. Gronn, 27, has managed the Kodiak Community Swimming Pool since 2011 and became the department facilitator when previous Parks and Rec director Charlie Powers left the position at the end of May. “He has definitely proven to me...
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Local results: Oct. 1
Bowling Tuesday co-ed Sept. 23 Men: Scratch game — Alvin Arboleda, 278; Robbie Green, 238; Jeff Kiefer, 229. Scratch series — Robbie Green, 670; Alvin Arboleda, 625; Jeff Kiefer, 619. Women: Scratch game — Bryttni Juhlin, 188; Ruth Hentges, 179; Amanda Kiefer, 176. Scratch series — Bryttni Juhlin, 530; Ruth Hentges, 509; Amanda Kiefer, 476. Wednesday co-ed Sept. 24 Men: Scratch game — Tommy Johnson, 252; George Le...
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Local candidate preview: Dan Rohrer
Dan Rohrer is running for Kodiak Island Borough Assembly and is concerned about financial sustainability. “When I look at what I’ve learned over the last 10 years, not only do I believe that I know have the time to do this job well, I believe there’s a lot of principals that I have learned, both in business and in my involvement with non-profits and with construction, that I think are very applicable on our boroug...
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Local candidate preview: Marnie Leist
Marnie Leist is running for Kodiak City Council, pushing for a strong downtown and fiscal responsibility. Leist sits on the downtown revitalization committee, and said she wants some of the goals the committee came up with to get completed. “There’s a great 2010 master landscape plan, which goes way beyond landscaping, by the way, I highly recommend everyone look at it, it’s beautiful,” Leist said. “If our downtow...
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Congressional candidates to debate about fish
Alaska’s candidates for U.S. Congress will discuss fisheries at the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce’s final fall debate tonight. Republican Representative Don Young and his opponent, Democrat Forrest Dunbar, and Democrat Senator Mark Begich and his opponent, Republican Dan Sullivan, are all scheduled to attend. The debate will start at 7 p.m. at the Gerald C. Wilson auditorium in Kodiak High School. It will also be air...
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