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Man faces drug, gun charges
A 32-year-old convicted felon has been arrested and accused of possessing and dealing heroin. David Shoup, 32, was arraigned in Kodiak district court Aug. 3. Shoup is also accused of possessing methamphetamine and a concealed pistol. He faces charges of third-degree weapons misconduct, fourth-degree weapons misconduct, fifth-degree weapons misconduct, second-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance for m...
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Hatchery-raised king crab to enter ocean
A big test has never looked so small. Swimming in a pair of plastic tanks within the first floor of the Kodiak Fisheries Research Center are 13,000 red king crab, each no bigger than half a pinky fingernail. In three weeks, the first of these crab will be released into the ocean, marking the first time hatchery-raised Alaska king crab have been introduced into the wild. “It's certainly an exciting step; I'm waitin...
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Expedition visits most remote island in Kodiak archipelago
A new expedition to Kodiak’s most remote island may shed light on life here before Russians arrived. Four archeologists and bird experts from Kodiak, Boston University and the University of Alaska Fairbanks traveled to uninhabited Chirikof Island last month on an expedition partially funded by National Geographic. Led by Boston University professor Catherine West, the expedition excavated a handful of ancient garb...
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Engineer recommends 3 snow dump sites
The city of Kodiak is still searching for a solution to its snow problem. Last winter, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation closed the city’s snow-dumping pier over concerns about salt and garbage contamination of Kodiak’s nearshore waters. The pier has been used for decades to dispose of snow removed from city streets, but since its closure, the city has been forced to shovel snow into any spare sp...
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Alutiiq Museum receives $35,000 grant to develop weaving exhibit
A $35,000 from the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation will allow the Alutiiq Museum to create an exhibit and educational booklet about Alutiiq weaving. On Monday, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation announced the Alutiiq Heritage Foundation was one of the grant recipients in its latest round of funding. The foundation awarded a total of $6.87 million to nonprofit organizations in the Pacific Northwest, with $1.26 mil...
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Prosecutors will not seek death penalty in Wells case
James Wells, the man accused of killing Coast Guardsmen Richard Belisle and James Hopkins in April 2012, will not face the death penalty. On Monday, federal prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Anchorage notified the court of the government’s intention not to seek the death penalty. There was no reason provided as to why the decision was made. Bryan Schroder, the lead prosecuting attorney, and Thomas Fun...
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Discover Kodiak names Starrett new director
Discover Kodiak’s board of directors has selected Chastity Starrett as the next executive director of Kodiak’s tourism bureau. The change will go into effect at the Aug. 15 board of directors meeting and Starrett will move from her current role as Discover Kodiak member services specialist to executive director. Discover Kodiak’s board of directors was responsible for the hiring decision. A hiring committee conduc...
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City council considers solutions to taxicab trouble
The Kodiak City Council took the first steps Tuesday night toward a solution for the brewing crisis among Kodiak's taxicabs. According to city figures, sales tax revenue generated by taxi service has plunged by 40 percent in the past year despite a 1 percent sales tax increase. Simultaneously, registered taxicab operators report their business has declined under competition from "gypsy cabs," unregistered vehicles...
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School board approves resolution addressing Tustumena
The loss of the ferry Tustumena, which is out of service indefinitely as it undergoes repairs, is now affecting students in the Kodiak Island Borough School District. Each fall, nearly one-third of the students at Kodiak High School participate in fall sports including football, cross country, swimming, volleyball and tennis. With the loss of the Tustumena, costs for student travel have exploded as the district ha...
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Kodiak bowhunting begins with a course in the classroom
It’s not easy to hunt bear in Kodiak. After you beat the odds in the drawing for a permit, you have to fight the conditions and roadless distances of Kodiak Island to get in position for your shot. Miss, and you won’t get another chance for at least four years. If that sounds like a pressure-packed picture, add another challenge — do it without a rifle. Each year, two or three of the 200 or so bears killed by Kodi...
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