To the Editor:

Good to see that they made an arrest in the brutal shooting of the two Coast Guard personnel of last April. We as a civilized society need to make reasonable gun laws to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of those who are unstable. I would like to see Alaska lead the way in universal background checks before you purchase a firearm and by banning handguns and military-style assault rifles.

Alaska with approximately 750,000 residents has about the same number of gun deaths — 30 per year — as the whole country of Japan with over 100 million people. What a sad comparison.

Societies that are armed are violent. The numbers don’t lie. Countries that have reasonable gun laws have few deaths with guns.

We should be able to travel around without the possibility of being shot. As I see it, people with concealed weapons and large caches of weapons and ammunition are paranoid cowards. The Second Amendment is infringing on the other amendments in our constitution. There are 100 million in this country with firearms and 200 million without. The majority should rule. Many, many people want this madness to end. We who want reasonable gun laws have rights too.

Tanya Inga

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