The cry from grassroots Kodiak society seems to be that of being assured personal freedoms to continue to live here.

Wilton White, a beloved former resident, businessman and assemblyman, used to say, "Live, and let live." He was so right; no one likes to be dictated to. The current borough code revision seems to threaten many of our liberties here.

Codes that limit our inherited freedoms from God discourage entrepreneurship and personal dignity.

Government cannot give people freedoms; we are born to be free to live in and utilize God's world.

Only man can take away our rights to do enterprise. When people are oppressed by overbearing government, ingenuity and incentive goes down. Communist Russia's productivity had dropped to 20 percent; Chile's, under socialism, went down to 50 percent. Communist China wisely incorporated free enterprise from trading with the West, and revived a decadent economy to make it a world economic power.

Government does not create wealth; it only spends it. It is the society's free people who use their ingenuity and opportunity to build up a nation or community. The cry among freethinking people has always been for less government oversight and burdensome regulation.

We wilt under dictatorship-like control and threats of punishment for non-compliance. Note the telltale words in the proposed borough code, such as, “must obtain a permit to … penalties … enforcement officer shall … the director shall … may require additional deposits of 135 percent … fines of $500 to $1,000 per day until …”

Does language like that draw people to come or stay in Kodiak? A title like “buiding official” is acceptable; however, the title “code-enforcement officer” carries a threatening tone with it, implying that without their obvious presence and enforcement, people generally would or may not comply with good building and living practices on their own.

— Art Zimmer

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