As a concerned citizen, I am writing to address the need, in my opinion, to publish the photos of people arrested for major crimes in our local newspaper. As it is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, I feel that including a photo of the accused along with the reported news would help improve our community’s safety. By putting a face to a name, any ambiguity of identity would be eliminated. Witnesses to crimes don’t often know the names of strangers they might observe breaking the law but would more likely be able to identify the lawbreakers using photos or sketches.

Our community needs help in combating criminal behavior and facial recognition could be a way to help law enforcement identify suspects. The recent drug bust naming nine faceless suspects does not help our community enough by the omission of the suspects’ photos. Protecting our community by the judicious publishing of the suspects’ photos would help to make our town a safer place to live.

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