KODIAK — We’re taking a big step to better communicate our mission to preserve and share all of Kodiak’s history.

Over the past 10 years of planning for the new permanent exhibits, Kodiak Historical Society board and staff have held dozens of community gatherings around town intended to answer specific questions about the nonprofit’s work and impact in the community: Who are we? Where are we going? The consistency of the responses and clear vision by the community for the museum has been unmistakable.

We’ve heard:

“Tell more of Kodiak’s diverse and rich history.” 

“Expand the narratives beyond just those of Russian colonization and prominent families from the early American era.” 

“Share more stories like the Filipino Community Stories Film Intensive.” 

“Engage and support different sectors of the community.” 

“Strengthen partnerships with other Kodiak museums and take the lead as a unifying community center.” 

“Create more opportunities for young families to create meaningful, lasting relationships with the museum.” 

“Show Kodiak youth that their stories are valued and reflected in our community museum.”

For these reasons, the board of directors has elected to adopt a new name for our institution: Kodiak History Museum. Our hope is that the community will receive this change as an important step toward being inclusive in our telling of Kodiak’s stories.

The Kodiak History Museum was chosen because it provides a clear and timeless message that better communicates the society’s mission of preserving and sharing Kodiak’s history. A rebranding effort includes a new look and feel for the organization, including a new logo based on the construction of the Russian American Magazin. 

At the time of its construction, the Russian American Company employed a diverse group of woodworkers to build the storehouse. Various joint styles can be found throughout the log structure, the oldest standing building in Alaska and the earliest documented log structure on the West Coast, including a key joint used for connecting logs that meet horizontally throughout the structure. Symbolically, the key joint and new logo represent both the building, as well as the Kodiak community. It brings people, stories, and time together with precision and great care. 

As we come to the end of the decade long project to transform the museum with new permanent exhibits, the Kodiak Historical Society board and staff thank you for your support and partnership as we grow.

And, mark your calendars! We look forward to celebrating the grand reopening, as the Kodiak History Museum, at 1 pm on May 4. 

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