To the editor:

Three-way political races in a two-party political system are tricky. Often the candidate with the higher overall public support may not win. Take, for example, George Bush versus Bill Clinton versus Ross Perot in the 1992 election. Clinton won with 43 percent of the vote while Bush and Perot, both conservatives, garnered 56 percent. Given the choice between Clinton and Bush, the 19 percent that voted for Perot would have likely picked Bush. However, by backing an unlikely third-party candidate they, in essence, elected Bill Clinton.

Closer to home, consider the three-way primary two years ago when Rep. Don Young was running against Gov. Sean Parnell and Kodiak Rep. Gabrielle Ledoux. Gabrielle divided the anti-Don Young vote and scored almost 10 percent of the voters. Parnell lost by only 300 votes (0.28 percent).

Again, had it been just Parnell and Young, Parnell would probably have won.

This year we have a three-way race for our U.S. senator. Scott McAdams is rallying the disenfranchised and the party faithful to support him in a quixotic quest while Joe Miller and Sen. Lisa Murkowski slug it out. In Alaska, only 15 percent of the voters are registered Democrat with 26 percent registered Republican and 52.6 percent either non-partisan or undeclared. Given the more conservative voting history of the non-partisan\undeclareds over the past couple of decades, as well as all of the credible current polls, McAdams isn’t going to be elected. Consequently, those that would be inclined to vote for him must, in the crucible of the voting booth, ask this question: Would you rather have Joe Miller or Lisa Murkowski as your U.S. senator? Fill in the oval, write in her name!

Duncan Fields

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