KODIAK — Today in America, we are facing the test of our nations ability to withstand the assaults against the rule of law by our own government. Do not kid yourself, our democracy is being dismantled bit by bit by the brazen unlawful actions of the Republican cabal of President Donald Trump and his sycophants who refuse to fulfill their oaths to defend and uphold the laws of our nation.

 Our democracy’s survival is only insured when we, “the people” rise up and demand that our laws and norms of governance are adhered to. That Trump ordered his staff to disobey subpoenas from the House of Representatives is wrong on so many levels. Should we citizens follow the shameless, unlawful examples being demonstrated by Trump and his cronies? Continued lawlessness as demonstrated by Trump will certainly demolish the only thing that makes possible our democracy, which is law and order!

 Trump’s delusional expectations to rule as a king must be blocked by implementing Impeachment. The framers of the Constitution presciently and wisely installed impeachment as the only method to unseat an unlawful President. The Orwellian like, Trumpspeak, exemplified by words such as “fake news” and “witch hunt” are only about ending our Republic. Trump’s attempts to sabotage the rule of law can only be countered by Congress, who are currently pursuing their fact finding oversight duties as prescribed by our Constitution. The facts when uncovered will then speak for themselves.

 We have as citizens of the United States of America, an obligation to participate as  overseers of our government. We must demand that our government is faithfully adhering to our laws, and when corruption is exposed, the corrupters must be prosecuted by a trusted and just judicial system. Resist the autocracy, insist on Democracy! 

“Make the lie big. Make it simple. Keep saying it, and eventually people will believe it.” — Adolf Hitler


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