To the editor:

The U.S. is now at a crisis: money. Our debt is sky-high. People are out of work by the millions. Our political parties are fighting and not getting anything done.

Let’s not let just a few wealthy contractors, politicians — this includes the president, too — make the decisions like George Bush did. Wrong ones! Contractors make big money from war. We now have two on, almost three. Trillions have gone there. Let’s let the people know more of what’s going on. We are lucky that soldiers of the National Guard have gone to fight over people’s decisions, right or wrong be they. There have been a lot, and I mean a lot, of wrong decisions that have put us in this mess. Money-hungry people of greed also. These people should be deported as they are of self interest. Wall Street has caused high gas prices. Is that American? Are we too capitalistic? Too soft so crooks get away with murder, like the housing affair that made people lose their homes.

Hey out there! Shape up! Or something is going to hit the fan.

Bill Bjorkland

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