submarine base at Dutch Harbor,

This 1943 view of the U.S. submarine base at Dutch Harbor, Alaska conveys the icy desolation that characterized the Aleutians campaign. Originally established as a seaplane base in the late 1930s, Dutch Harbor also had provision for six submarines by the opening of the war. As an adjunct to Admiral Yamamoto’s plan for the invasion of Midway in June 1942, the Dutch Harbor facilities were heavily damaged on the 3rd and 4th in bombing raids by carrier aircraft from IJS Ryujo and IJS Junyo. (Photo:

Dear Editor,

This is somewhat ironic.

In May, the Navy will conduct inspections offshore from Kodiak, searching for WWII-related ordnance that might be hazardous.

In June, the Navy will conduct training, depositing a few hundred thousand pounds of materials, some hazardous, into waters offshore from Kodiak and other coastal communities.

— Tom Lance, Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak

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