To the editor,

The story titled “Kodiakans averse to pot legislation” (5/2/14) was misleading. According to the poll that accompanied the story (as of 5/6/14), 56 percent of readers are in support legalizing marijuana in Alaska. While hardly overwhelming, this number doesn’t exactly suggest that “Kodiakans are almost dead-set” against the initiative either.

It would have helped balance the coverage if you had interviewed people on both sides of the coin. It’s easy to say that “more than 90 percent of those interviewed” were against the initiative when you mostly interviewed were against the initiative when you mostly interviewed older people who tend to be more set in their ways. The youngest interviewee mentioned in the story was 33. With a growing portion of the population between the ages of 21 and 30, it would have been good to see what they think. You may find that more people are supportive of legalizing marijuana, as the poll indicates. Looks like the people have spoken.

Nicole Clark

Kodiak resident

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