It’s time for the community to ready themselves for the grand reopening of our local historical museum.  After nearly 10 years of planning, fund raising and hard work the Baranov Museum will reopen on May 4.  The changes are amazing; while preserving the building the layout and displays have been 100% redesigned to improve access to artifacts, flow of traffic during visitation and reflect an accurate historical motif. 

I’ve been blessed to be a very small part of this transformation.  My level of appreciation for the museum staff, the many donors/sponsors, professional organizations and individual volunteers is immeasurable. I hope the community will take the opportunity to visit during the reopening to appreciate the hard work and become immersed in our shared history. Everyone who visits will find something that excites them and walk away feeling more at home on Kodiak. 

Thank you for considering my letter to the editor for publishing in the paper.

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