To the editor:

The cutting funding for the annual Juneau legislative reception is in the best interest of the tax-paying Kodiak citizen. None of us knew of this misuse of taxpayers’ money. Our taxes would not have had to be raised if this wild spending never was done. We should not have to pay to get votes from the Legislature. We should also not be paying for our assembly members to travel to Juneau and have fun. Our taxes would not go up. The assembly needs to cut way back. Our senator and representative are getting paid to represent us in Juneau and we should keep our noses out of it. You also pay for a lobbyist, so why pay all this extra stuff just to get votes? This reception does not get us any more money than we are supposed to get. Where is your thinking?

Ms. Fulp wanted all the money to go for schools and now she wants to spend our tax dollars foolishly on a seafood meal for the legislature. You also need to quit taking advantage of our seafood processors. You thought nothing of raising taxes that hits them, too. Years ago my way was paid by a taxpayer to go to Juneau and do one-on-one lobbying, and it worked. Wake up, taxpayers!

Lorna Arndt

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