To the editor:

Disinformation is a very strong point to make. The internet is home to the vast majority of the disinformation.

You mayor may not know that Sen. Lisa Murkowski was defeated in the primary. She is now running a “do-over” write-in campaign. The teachers union last week sent the “vote for Lisa” cards out. The Native groups have forked out over $800,000 towards the election.

It is all about entitlements, as my bible says. We will knowingly vote for those who give us the most from the national treasury. It may not be best for me or my country. Most, like the unions, expect to get a return on their investment.

Well sorry, people, but the entitlement baby has gotten so big and governed by self-serving bad interest that there just isn’t anyone making sure that common sense is being used these days. Give my Social Security to those undeserving so they will vote for you. Put up signs in America warning U.S. citizens, “that due to illegal immigration and drug traffic along our southern borders” do not hike in these areas as it is dangerous. Instead of enforcing laws we warn our own people to travel at their own risks?

Common sense — where has it gone? Americans, have you lost your way?

Neal Cooper

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