To the Editor,

As a citizen of Kodiak, I am concerned about the recent $2.24 million settlement to Pacific Pile for the Pier 3 construction.

As I understand from public records, the city supplied sheet steel and pipe steel to the contractor. Sheet Pile was inspected by PND and received by Pacific Pile & Marine (PPM). PPM provided a trucking schedule for transportation to their fabricators where the pipe segments were welded into the desired pipe pile lengths. No one at this stage complained or mentioned the pipe steel was out of round. This signifies acceptance of this pipe by PPM.

PPM then placed armor rock at the Pier 3 site. They “had difficulty getting the

piles through the armor stone they had placed.” PPM is supposed to know what they are doing regarding placing armor rock and driving pile. Their expertise is part of the reason they were awarded this bid.

To me, this shows that solving this problem was Pacific Pile’s responsibility.

Why did the city really settle this dispute? It seems that contractors who work in

Kodiak know that if they threaten to “hold up the project” the city and the borough always fold. This is not the first project to encounter costly errors on the part of the contractor where the bill was picked up by either the city or the borough and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

I find it troublesome that the companies doing construction in this community are not held accountable for their side of construction projects.

— Sandy Pherson

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