Letter to the editor,

I see we have a surplus or shall I say did have a surplus of $5 million that the school board is trying to spend. This is money that until last week was not needed for normal every day operating expenses. So last Monday the school board took about $2 million out for “professional development.”

What? Hello, anybody home? Governor says massive cuts. We already have hundreds of millions of dollars committed to the High School and the dump and who has the audacity of saying we have a surplus? To my knowledge, we have no guarantee that someone is going to come along and pay for the expenses the borough and the city have committed us too. State may pay a portion of the school, but they are cutting everywhere.

City Council:

1. Absolutely no new trails between Rezanoff and Mill Bay Rd. What is wrong with what we have?

2. No to annexation out to Bayside fire department — quit spending, so you don’t need more money.

3. No to tax cap up to $1,500.

4. No to hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars for consultants in the fish industry.

City Council: We have been paying and losing millions during the past eight years on the boat lift in Dog Bay. No private entity wanted this expense, but the city saddled the citizens once again with a burden that we, the average citizens, won’t ever use. Now you are talking about wrapping the monster lift in a box (building), probably without a bow, and once again saddling taxpayers with millions more.

Our local governments are the problem because there seems to be an agenda to spend our money for their pet projects.

— Neal Cooper

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