KODIAK — I had an interesting interaction today with an acquaintance who questioned me regarding letter I wrote to editor of the Kodiak Daily Mirror. He wanted to know if per my letter if I hated President Donald Trump, to which I replied, no, that as a matter of fact, in that letter, I was mostly concerned about our democracy and how this current congress and president are in my opinion harming our country. 

To which my acquaintance responded that we should just let Trump do his job that we elected him to do. I need to remind my acquaintance that Trump lost the popular vote by over three million votes and the antiquated electoral system unjustly made him president. Also for the first two years of his presidency, Trump enjoyed the Republican majority in all the branches of our government  and only passed one major piece of scam legislation which benefited the rich and the corporations, burdening the average taxpayer to pay for these tax cuts.

Putting asylum seeking women and children in cages is un-american. Denouncing the Fourth Estate as fake news is un-American. Spewing hate and fear as this president does daily is un-American. Acceptance of murderous despots such as Kim and Putin are un-American. The daily onslaught against the rule of law by Trump is an attempt to be held above the law which is, you guessed it, un-American.

I don’t hate Trump, I actually pity him, for he has had the opportunity to rise to greatness only to be exposed as a small minded, inarticulate, self adoring, lawless bullying blight that promised to make America great but instead has embarrassed our country to the rest of the world. America has suffered this fool long enough and voted in the party that is now justly performing their Constitutional duties to hold accountable those that have chosen to commit crimes against our Democracy and subvert the rule of law. Godspeed.

Plato: ”One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”


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