To the Editor,

I have been following the recent issue regarding the so called "Decorum Ordinance" much to my displeasure. The Assembly passed the ordinance on-the-run during Kodiak's peak working season before anyone had a chance to notice it. It appears they will now repeal it. The decorum ordinance was unnecessary and has wasted public and the assembly's time.

I am very concerned that they have not come up with the necessary list of Capital Projects that need to be submitted to the State Legislature. Those lists are CRITICAL to addressing issues that affect all communities in the Kodiak Island Borough. They need to be submitted well before the session begins to be included in the State Budget for capital projects.

If the list has been formulated, I would like to see an Agenda item for discussion and Public Comment allowed. Wasting time on the decorum ordinance is ridicules at best, repeal the thing and move on with the real work that is at hand. The people voted for you to represent THEM. Get to work and stop the nonsense, there are important issues that the Borough is faced with.


JoAnn Holmes

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