I love everything about the ferry (well…maybe not the sea sickness). I love all the decks that, from some parts, you can see the lounge area with all the variety of seats (my favorites are the booths). 

From all the sitting and watching the gorgeous view, or reading a book you can gain twenty pounds from the delicious selection of food ranging from pretzels to pulled-pork sandwiches. The movie theater is pretty cool also. The staff on the ferry is very nice, and they seem to like their job. I’ve only been to Homer on the ferry and personally I don’t think I would find Homer nearly as exciting if we had to fly and then drive there. 

The ferry is a connector and car transporter to so many places. I hope when I am grown up the ferry will still be here, waiting to bring me on new adventures. 

Why get rid of something that’s so amazing to Alaska? Let’s keep the ferry.

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