I do not reside in the City of Kodiak, but I’m a frequent visitor as I have family members who have been living there several years. My concern is that of the safety of pedestrians and in particular children.

Most cities in America have laws regarding the safety of the pedestrian and those driving vehicles who do not regard those laws but drive in a manner that would endanger someone walking would be severely prosecuted.

This past week a resident stepped out of his vehicle and was struck by a hit-and-run driver. Would a law have prevented that? Probably not. But awareness of the law and penalty of not yielding to the pedestrian might have caused the person to be a little more aware. Who knows?

My concern is particularly those walking to school and trying to cross Rezanof Drive. Cars speed down the street, not slowing when coming to a hill where there might be a blind spot. Those adults and students have mentioned to me that they would get halfway across the street when a car would come over the hill and instead of slowing or stopping to let theme by would continue on at the same speed, curving around the person standing in the street, not only endangering them but splashing rain, mud or other debris.

Will someone need to be killed before drivers realize that someone walking in a responsible manner needs to be protected?

I love the City of Kodiak and will come as often and stay as long as I can. I am so impressed with the school system, churches, businesses, culture and respect for its native people. Please let's be respectful of adults and children walking to and from school, to and from work or whatever.

Darlene VanderVorst

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