Editor’s Note: The following three letters were the winners of a persuasive writing assignment in the third and fourth-grade classes at St. Mary’s Catholic School.

Students need more homework

To the Editor:

Students should have more homework because it teaches responsibility and self-discipline, it helps students review what they went over in class, and it will grow enthusiasm for learning. Homework teaches students responsibility because they have to bring the work home. It is the student’s responsibility to do the work, and they must have self-discipline to get the work done. Homework goes over what students have done in class, so the teacher can see who learned the lesson. Moreover, the teacher will know what students are studying. The students will be willing to do more homework more because they would be able to go to the next level of work. If students do poorly, they will be punished and their grades will become lower. Therefore, more homework should be given to students so they can be successful for the rest of the students’ life.

Emily Larson, third grade

Be sure to recycle more

To the Editor:

Recycling is important because it helps the environment, it saves trees, and it makes the world a better place. Life would be easier if we all recycled. Everyone and everything would be pleased if we all recycle because there would not be debris everywhere.

Everyone should recycle because the world would be a better place. All of the plants and animals will be wiped out if we do not do something. Because we eat plants and animals to survive, we would be wiped out as well. Then there would be no life on Earth.

We can enjoy nature if we respect it. There are positive and negative effects of recycling. The positive effects include: it preserves the environment, it saves energy, recycled products are affordable for everyone, it reduces pollution of the air, it lowers amounts of hazardous chemicals, it saves important resources, it reduces the use of landfills, and it creates jobs for people.

Those were the wonderful effects of recycling, but there are terrible effects. Are there any horrid effects of recycling? There can be some, if the areas where recycling is done, are not controlled properly. As a lot of debris is collected daily for recycling, the recovery sites can become very unhygienic and disgusting. Abandoned dump sites can severely destroy the surrounding environment. Even though there are negative effects to recycling, the positive effects are greater, and will help save our planet from being destroyed.

Find out more at www.buzzle.com.

Ku’ulei Koko, fourth grade

Don’t drink and drive

To the Editor:

Drinking and driving has become a serious problem in United States. People should not drink and drive because people can cause an accident, you can end up in jail, and you can hurt other people or things. Causing an accident can interrupt public services. An accident can also destroy your or other people’s cars or trucks. People can go to jail for dreadful driving. You may be in jail for a long time. In 2010, 10,228 people were killed by drunk drivers. Their life matters and people deserve to live their lives. Drunk driving is awful, and there are many reasons why people should not have alcohol while driving.

Stephan Barnes, third grade

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