To the editor:

After listening to a CD of the borough’s last work session discussion dated Jan. 27, I could not believe what I was hearing. Plans were being developed for an expansion of curbside pickup starting as early as April 25 in the Woodland Acres, Beaver Lake and Island Lake areas. Were the people in these proposed expansion areas notified of this intent? According to the daily Mirror Feb. 4, the borough manager, at the borough regular meeting, states that there is a demand for curbside service out there. Really? Where is the data to back up this assumption? Please provide us with some numbers. If a survey was sent out, I did not receive one.

I have a question identical to one asked by assemblywoman Judy Fulp at the work session. Were the people in these areas not told that dumpsters would be kept in place until the transfer stations were built? Someone then said, “That’s a different problem,” and I believe no further mention was made of transfer stations. How can this be, when building transfer stations was at the very heart of the previous decision? As Ms. Fulp mentioned, people in this area were very vocal in expressing their disapproval of the use of curbside pickup. Many citizens made it quite clear through public testimony and letter writing that curbside pickup was not an acceptable option for them. I wrote two letters to the editor. These letters, as well as all the correspondence and verbal testimony given by the numerous concerned individuals, should perhaps be reread by assembly members. The abrogation of a contract or agreement by a government body, at the expense of the expressed desires of their constituents, is unconscionable.

Assemblywoman Louise Stutes asked pointed questions of the borough manager regarding the status of the transfer stations. The answers provided were not specific and definitely should be clarified. Where is the accountability for promises made to the public?

Sumie Ono

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