In honor of America Recycles Day, Old Harbor hosted its third annual Recycled Art Show. While creating unique pieces of art, the purpose of this event is to create an awareness of the need to recycle within daily life. Being an isolated community, using our resources wisely is a part of daily life. One of the focuses of the Environmental department is finding additional uses for items before being thrown into the landfill. In order to Achieve this goal, We recycle plastic bags within our tribal store, our students reuse metals for their welding classes, and we offer recycle art classes. We are currently researching ways to reuse paper and cardboard within the community.

We had over 50 people attend our art show. Art was submitted by community members including Elders and those as young as five years old. Joanie Inga, 8, won the best of show with her "Canned Dog". It is exciting to see the unique pieces of art contributed to our show each year. This event was made possible by a grant offered by ALPAR. The Overbeek family won the recycling collection contest with two bags of recyclables submitted.

Bobbi Barnowski is the Old Harbor tribal administrator.


Best in show

First: Joanie Inga with “Doggie”

Second: Preschool team — Tiffany, Aundria and Helen with “Flowers”

Third: Josiah Overbeek with “Honey Gnome”

Most Orginial

Jennifer Simeonoff with “Bibliophile's Pumpkin”

Decorative art

Saelah Berns, Freya Larionoff and Trudy Larionoff with “The Beach”

Local Flavor

Trudy Larionoff with “Sand Art”

Art with a Purpose

Preschool team with “Flowers”

Animal Art

Hunter Simeonoff with “Who's Got cardboard?”

Holiday art

Josiah Overbeek with “Honey Gnome”

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