To the editor:

Mr. Jacobson is correct, a vote for Lisa Murkowski is a vote for Comrade Obama’s agenda. Do you really want socialism and complete control of our lives? She voted yes to cap and trade, bailouts, TARP, more than likely the climate bill which would have put our right to keep and bear arms in the hands of the United Nations, global gun control, you know. Joe Miller is a veteran, he attended the academy. People are digging up all they can find about him to ruin his chances in this most important election of our lifetime. If we don’t get this right this time we will dearly suffer the consequences. If we don’t take control of the Senate and House we’re in very bad trouble. It’s in your hands. Two more years of Comrade Obama’s agenda will completely ruin our lives and our freedom. Kiss it all goodbye. You have my vote, Joe Miller. I have respect for you and your service to our country. You’re an honest man. What have Frank and Lisa Murkowski really done for our country? She’s a crybaby. Parnell is a good man also. I like his values. He’s honest. He’s for the NRA also. Vote well, people, our freedom is on the line. God bless our veterans. Thank you.

Ron Fox

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