To the editor:

Kodiak’s St. Paul Harbor has a hump in it.

A rock is rising underwater right at the entrance to the harbor. Last year a fishing boat drove up on it and was stuck there for several hours. It’s coming up fast, as such things go. Eventually it will block access to the harbor. Good old tectonics.

Luckily the Army Corps of Engineers has a plan to blast and dredge it out of there. Of course this will cost over $1 million, and the corps doesn’t move before they get their money.

And if Joe Miller has his way, they won’t.

His interpretation of our Constitution calls for federal spending on national defense and very little else. What a contrast to Sen. Stevens, who was lionized for bringing federal infrastructure dollars to Alaska.

Miller’s policies are a repudiation of Ted Stevens’ entire career. Alaska needs its senators to go to bat for them, not sit on the bench and sulk.

Murkowski’s seniority gives her a unique opportunity to work on behalf of Alaska, and she has a proven voting record.

Scott McAdams is a smart man with good ideas and over the course of the campaign I have become convinced he is up to the job. His now viable candidacy gives Alaska Democrats an opportunity they haven’t had in generations.

Don’t vote out of fear. Vote for who will work best for Alaska.

Terry Haines

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