KODIAK — I am currently reading “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, and I find the parallels in which our society lives very similar to the conditions that the characters of Orwell’s book dealt with. 

The hypocrisy exhibited by the current Republican legislators — pretending to take their solemn sworn oaths of office seriously in both the state and federal governments — is telling. Letting President Donald Trump’s hate speeches continue uncontested by elected Republican legislators is unforgivable and yet further exemplified by them staying silent while an American military war hero, John McCain, is ridiculed by Trump the draft dodger, are in fact, despicable. 

The dishonor and shame brought upon our country by this president and his equally shameless party over country co-conspirators, if continued, will be the death knell to our democracy. Our country’s current direction once again is paralleling what the characters of “Animal Farm” experienced, their voices being silenced by cowardice and fear.

Our democracy and the resulting freedoms were not achieved by cowards who were afraid to speak out against tyranny, but instead by the brave souls who risked all by openly resisting those who would deny them their rightful freedoms.

We Americans must ascribe to emulate the bravery and sacrifice made by the fathers and mothers of our country and demand that the laws that make our democracy possible and sustainable are equally applied to each and every person and that no one including our president are above the law. 

We must support the constitutionally mandated oversight of our government by the House of Representatives now looking into possible unlawful abuses of power by the current administration.

 “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” 

— George Orwell, Animal Farm


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