KODIAK — I’ve been quiet regarding the current state of Alaska politics. It’s incredibly hard to avoid labels when you’re a moderate. I’m too tax-and-spend to be a Republican, and too anti-progressive to be a Democrat. Yet, here I am, preparing to stick my foot in my mouth!

Both parties right now, including Governor Mike Dunleavy, are behaving in the worst possible way. It’s disgusting to watch and beyond tolerance to accept in any way. This started early, with a month wasted while the legislature couldn’t collaborate or compromise to organize. Now, six months later, they still can’t put aside petty differences to even meet in the same city. Alaskans do not care which city you meet, and both sides arguing about it simply point out your overriding desire/need for partisanship over governance. Show some leadership and get back to work.

Gov. Dunleavy, shame on you for torching your own house while trying to solve its problems. Where a statesman was needed, you opted to be an arsonist. I’m ashamed I voted for you, despite my agreement with you on some policy. In practice, you have lacked proper explanation in your decision-making and have shown a complete void of governance skill. You have actively divided rural and urban communities, and rather than attempting any form of coalition, you sought to empower and enrich your base in the Mat-Su rather than do what’s right for the state as a whole. Good job for your stance on the PFD, except that your posturing against the legislature threatens any PFD at all … good policy, bad practice.

Alaska legislature, shame on you: shame, shame, shame! You have the tools and the means to solve these problems; instead, you draw petty lines based on petty parties and pretend to stand on “Constitutional” platforms. Instead of working through the problems, you’re standing there and watching the house burn down, for spite.

Stop giving away our oil wealth to some of the most profitable companies in the world.

Pay a full PFD or give back the mineral rights to my property. Taking the PFD hurts the lowest income Alaskan’s and you know it: don’t be jerks to poor people!

Fund state services. Yes, that means you’re may have to pass a statewide tax. Oh my goodness if you tax me and give it to an oil company though! (Note, a state tax financially hits me harder than a PFD garnishment, but it’s better for my community!)

Not all Dunleavy’s vetoes are bad: the UA system for instance. (Note: I have an alumni and a current student in house; I’m not a UA hater!) But many of the vetoes are shortsighted and disproportionately hit our most vulnerable citizens. Where he was wanton in application of the veto, be strategic in the application of the override.

I’m friends with Kodiak’s legislators, and many others across the state, in both parties. I believe most genuinely want what’s best for their constituents. Grow some backbone and step away from the party bullies. 


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