KODIAK — I have to say I was really disappointed to read that the city is considering a leased property as a location for a new fire station (“City in talks for fire station site” published on October 4, 2018). 

I was not disappointed because I believe there to be a lack of need for a new fire station, but because a lease option puts us on the hook for a monthly/annual bill for the next 50 years. 

Why on earth would we take additional tax dollars and pay them out to a private entity when we have land available for just such a facility that is held by the city directly or by us, as residents of the borough. Near the airport there is ample developable land that accesses either Von Scheele or along Mill Bay Rd adjacent to the animal shelter. Additionally, the property between the City Maintenance shop and East Elementary is held by the borough. 

Let’s do what we need to do, but let’s not encumber our income for decades to come.

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