To the Editor:

The idea of a multi-use path is nice but not a nice idea now. It's neither a priority nor a necessity. If Juneau can tighten its financial belt, why can't the city of Kodiak? This requested project by some folks is a luxury that neither the city nor the taxpayers can afford.

The 10' wide, 1.3-mile path would commence at Pier 2 on Shelikof Ave. and terminate at Deadman's Curve. The city needs to stop spending money that it doesn't have; stop being financially irresponsible and get your priorities straight.

It's time to learn the humble art of saving money. The unsigned agreement between the State of Alaska and the City of Kodiak is in limbo. The total estimated cost for preliminary engineering (design), with contingencies, would be $660,000 and $4,485,000 for right-of-way costs, utilities relocation and construction work.

Also the municipality would agree to provide a 9.03 percent match towards the total costs of the project and to maintain the project. Does the city's public worksdepartment have enough manpower to maintain this proposed project?

There seem to be many unknowns and costly ones at that which the city cannot afford to take. The more time that goes by, I'm sure the price tag for this project will rise; seems they'd go hand-in-hand. This pathway is a luxury, not a necessity. Please vote it down; oppose it.

What is a priority, a necessity, is the rebuilding of Pier 3.

Sarah L. Thayer

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