To the editor:

The sound-bite campaign being waged against the winner of the U.S. Senate race in the August Republican primary punctuates why I have never been a registered Republican. Lisa Murkowski and her supporters lost that election, and prior to losing had, by association, agreed to support the outcome. She has not honored her word. Rather, she has put her own self-interest ahead of the will of the people — likely, many of the people who elected her six years ago.

Look at what is happening across this country and it is easy to understand that Middle America, the engine and backbone of this country, is fed up with Washington, D.C., and establishment politics and politicians.

Is Joe Miller the one Alaska needs in D.C.? I’m not sure. I am sure, however, that he represents a viable option to the sameness we have been suffering from D.C.

I took the time to get to know his position on a few issues and he does not want to decimate Alaska’s economy by denying any and all federal money. His position is that we need to learn to do with less federal money, because less is going to be a reality. He also believes we need to take control of our lands and resources and develop them and our economy in our best interest and not necessarily as the feds see fit.

He has said he does not want to do away with Social Security and Medicare. On “Face the Nation” he said the Social Security and Medicare trust funds are empty and filled with IOUs and the nation needs to “get the fiscal house in order … so that we can continue to pay those benefits.”

Regarding Social Security, he has talked about giving younger workers the option to invest a portion of Social Security payroll taxes into individual retirement accounts, thus creating a new retirement savings option.

I believe, as the Alaska voters in the Republican primary did, that Joe Miller is the best candidate running for U.S. Senate. My research has not confirmed the sound bites.

Ed Randolph

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