To the Editor:

When the time comes for local elections each year, do not vote for the bad five that are on there now, just the two good owes. Either the board members get off the boards and do their own work, or stay on the boards and not be able to bid on jobs the borough is putting out for bids. All you people need to write a letter to the Editor stating, “That anyone who is on any of the boards of the borough cannot submit a bid on any upcoming projects of the borough.”

Now Jerome Selby has a lawsuit against Mel Stephens for some dumb thing or another. He is not the borough manager, but thinks he can run the borough. The borough attorney does not know anything and she is brownnosing with Jerome Selby, and he with her. Jerome Selby has got to go. He is causing a lot of trouble and dissention on the Assembly.

Ms. Lynch is not an engineer to do the engineering on homes or buildings that are going to be built, so she is getting the builders to go through her and she charges $500 and up besides the Anchorage Engineers’ prices and she does nothing. What a rip off. Did the borough make the ordinance that all new buildings have to be engineered just to put the money in Ms. Lynch’s hands? All builders and contractors should go through Anchorage Engineers to get their plans engineered.

Kodiak people you need to wake up now.

I have copies of the Selby lawsuit, but need help in making copies so whoever wants one can have one.

Lorna Arndt

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