KODIAK — We have no democracy, when Mitch McConnell has the power to obstruct our voices, that are normally presumed to be represented in Washington by our senators. McConnell’s undemocratic blocking of bills sent to the Senate for a vote is a vile authoritarian action, subverting our democracy. 

Among McConnell’s many feats of obstruction, was the vile deed of denying a Senate vote concerning then-President Barack Obama’s choice for a supreme court justice, Merrick Garland. McConnell now has the audacity to publicly gloat about his obstructions, proudly assuming the moniker of “grim reaper,” because of his power to “kill bills”, and is effectively silencing our voices. Democrats don’t suppress voting, but today’s Republicans surely do — and not only in the Senate. Republican’s gerrymandering has been quite effective at electoral theft in both state and federal elections for far too long!

My point is, that our democracy is broken. We can either continue to ignore the wrongful actions of elected officials or we can revolt against tyranny, like the founders of America. We must take a stand, right now, not tomorrow, or the next day, against the un-democratic actions by President Donald Trump and McConnell by demanding that our representatives in Congress are not denied the path to vote on our behalf.

The prosecution of lawbreakers, no matter who they are, or what office they may hold, must be enforced to ensure the survival of our democracy and to protect the rights of American citizens. We citizens have taken our democracy for granted and are now suffering the consequences of our negligence. 

How long will we tolerate the intolerable? 

Trump and the Republican party’s lust for absolute, unquestioned power, obtained by any means, smacks of tyranny!

Our Constitution, thankfully, has a provision called impeachment, which provides a just and lawful guideline for our Congress to investigate and prosecute the president for unlawful behavior. I am proud of the Democrats in the House of Representatives for their resolve and for doing their job as prescribed by the Constitution: to uphold the rule of law.


“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. ”

— Abraham Lincoln



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