To the Editor,

With recent happenings in Kodiak, many of us still do not know when we are being duped. There are those out there with agenda that most haven’t a clue exist.

An example would be the fact that several years ago those outside of Kodiak convinced the powers that be to limit our local fisherman to one King Salmon per year. Most recently we had those from the Kenia/Soldotna area paying someone to get signatures on a petition to end the Kodiak set net fisheries.

Seeing some of the signatures on the form and hearing what the man had to say, there wasn’t truth on the form nor was there truth in his words because some who signed the form would not have signed the form if they would have known the truth about the petition. Since the sport fisheries aren’t what they used to be, many on the mainland want to have Kodiak fisheries controlled by those outside of Kodiak.

Another example of something that isn’t quite up to scrutiny is the statements to some of us that the city has no plans to build very large buildings for the large boat lift on Dog Bay. In 2010, the city posted a picture of that proposed building in their Master Plan on the website.

Last February, the harbormaster requested that the building be built. The city has proposed plans of trails that they have told some of us that they are not going to build. Why are these proposed trails they are not going to build also on the Island Trails website?

Ask yourself why the fishermen some years ago did not form a cooperative and build the large boat lift themselves, so they did not have to pay to have their boats lifted out of the water.? Why is the employee at Walmart supporting this endeavor today?

— Neal Cooper

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