To the editor:

In her ad, Lisa Murkowski brags that she crossed party lines 300 different times. Why would she brag about reaching across the aisle to a party that has triggered public outcry because of its wanton/waste spending, its push for more regulation and taxation and its blatant disregard for the will of the people?

Lisa Murkowski has been called a “centrist Democrat” by the liberal blog Huffington Post.

Yet, Lisa decries the growth of government and its intrusion into our lives, the very agenda of the Democrats. She tries to please both parties. While to her credit she voted against health care, she obviously feels that the government should have some part in it. She calls it a “work in progress.” She dismissed Sarah Palin’s warning that the Obamacare plan would create “death panels” as outlandish speculation. Yet, President Obama’s nominee to head Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, said that rationing health care is inevitable.

While Lisa advocates oil development, she said she was willing to compromise on the cap and trade bill, which will burden industries and businesses with more taxes and oppressive regulations, raising expenses for all of us.

When Joe Miller asked Lisa, a strong proponent of Roe v.. Wade, if the Constitution allows for abortion, she asked if the Air Force is unconstitutional since the Constitution called for armies and navies, but not an air force. Go figure the logic.

Although I appreciate the stand Lisa has taken on a number of issues, including immigration, and the personal response she gives to the concerns expressed by her constituents, I find her walks across the aisle very troubling.

These are exceptional times. Our country is in debt to the tune of trillions.

Joe Miller is the man to send to Washington. He’s a straight shooter who opposes business as usual in DC, including the arrogant notion that our delegates should be exempted from laws (i.e. health care) that the general populace is subject to.

We need a true conservative in DC, not a “centrist Democrat.” Vote for Joe!

Mike Rostad

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