Attention active-duty military and retirees living in Kodiak: I was in the Navy in the early fifties. I was proud to serve my country and realized how much Americans loved their freedom in our country. I was privileged to be in the middle of the pacific when Russia launched Sputnik One. All our lives changed that day. My ship was one of the first to pick up the beep-beep every ninety-two minutes. We were frightened to death!

I’ve been an officer in the American Legion for five years and a member for forty-one years. I want to bring to your attention how important American Legion Kodiak Post 17 is to the community of Kodiak. We do a lot for the area, especially on the Fourth of July. Every year on this day, our doors are open to the community, serving over one thousand hamburgers, over eight hundred hot dogs and many, many pounds of potato salad. 

We need some new members with new ideas to have fundraisers so we can continue our scholarship program and send your men and women to Boys and Girls State. I know that there are at least one hundred and fifty retired military living here in Kodiak. So, I say, “Come on down and see what we are all about.”Now that the State of Alaska has made it illegal to smoke inside our building, you will have a smoke-free environment. 

We need new ideas and volunteers to continue our goals. Many of our old timers have passed on and some have moved off the island, so I’m saying we need new blood. 

If you are interested, please contact our office manager, Lynette, at 486-3258 to make an appointment or you can call me at 654-7183. If you are not a veteran, you can still join the Sons of the American Legion (SAL) if either of your parents, or grandparents were veterans. If you are female, you can also join as part of the Legion Auxiliary. 

So folks, I’m saying it’s the best for Kodiak and for us to continue what we do for this area. I thank you, and please check us out.

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