To the Editor,

This letter is in response to the story, “ KHS dropping activities position.” The logic used to justify the restructuring of the activities director position just doesn’t add up. The article would lead you to believe that an outside power dictates that all AD’s must have an administrative certificate. Despite my search of the Alaska Department of Educations online evaluation documents and contacting Alaska’s National Education Association, I was unable to confirm that an AD must have an administrative certificate.

Regardless of who is requiring the new standard, insisting that the job requires an administrative certificate will guarantee two things: One, the costs to cover the position will go up. Two, you will deny access to the AD position for the best-qualified applicants in the district.

When Bryan retires, a teacher lower on the pay scale could replace him. That could amount to a $30,000 dollar discount. Another scenario that has played out in the past is as follows: A qualified teacher retires and lands the AD job under a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). That person may be willing to work for less and a benefits package gets dropped. This scenario results in a huge savings.

Ironically, Mr. Ferris will be eligible for retirement in a year. He would be a great candidate for the MOA scenario. Unfortunately, he and others like him won’t meet the administrative certificate standard. The new requirement assures the school district will be locked into paying an AD a minimum salary of about $110,000, plus a $25,000 benefits package and a long laundry list of per diem items that add up to a boatload of money. Add another $35,000 plus benefits for that activities secretary, whom contrary to the article, is not currently employed at the high school.

If the goal is to create an overload and poor service by adding distance delivery, KMS and village activities to the job, then this restructuring process is right on target. The AD position and Bryan work very well, please, find something that is broken to fix.


George Griffing

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