To the editor:

Remember Nancy Pelosi’s plea? “We have to pass health care reform so we can see what’s in it.” It’s been a year since Obamacare was signed into law and that rotten tree is bearing appropriate fruit. Recent media reports have revealed that $2 billion has been spent to fund healthcare coverage for early retirees. Not just any retirees, mind you, but mainly those from groups friendly to the Democratic Party and President Obama.

State and municipal public employee unions were given over $300 million of your tax dollars, United Auto Workers over $200 million, General Motors got $19 million, and General Electric received $36 million. That’s the same GE that paid not a single penny in income tax for 2010 although it earned $14 billion last year. That’s the same GE whose CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, who will chair the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Maybe the secret to being competitive is to have a friend in the Oval Office who will get the taxpayers to pay for the healthcare of your former employees. The total amount allocated in the Affordable Healthcare Act for these bailouts is $5 billion. Just think about that when you send in your form 1040 or get the next bill from the doctor.

Kermit Reppond

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