To the Editor:

I’m a citizen of Kodiak, and I choose respect. When I walked in the auditorium and I heard the whole middle school had to walk for people who get abused, I was wondering why.

This is stupid, I thought.

Then I realized that I’m a child who gets to live my life without abuse and a child who gets to see the next day, a child who feels safe everywhere. I’m thankful for having good parents.

Does anyone know why I have the life I’m living right now? Does anyone know who is responsible for giving me a good life? It is my parents.

My mom had a rough life, but you know what? She is still recovering from her past. But she has a good husband, a good daughter, a good job, and she is doing awesome. Still, I give all my respect to everyone out there who is living or having to deal with people who abuse one another, or deal with alcohol or drugs.

I give respect to adults who get abused for stupid reasons. I give all my respect to little kids and babies who get abused or even killed, because it’s not their fault. It is the fault of the abuser. That person was crazy or did not think about taking responsibility to care for them. There are a lot of messed up people around the world and they choose not to get help.

So this is all my respect to anyone and this is what I think. I’m Sadie Coyle and I choose respect; I give all my respect to everyone out there.

Sadie Coyle, Kodiak Middle School

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