To the editor:

The Bible has a story of how Jesus and Peter were faced with having to pay a tax to the temple. Jesus was able to come up with the money by going fishing and bringing in a fish with two coins in its mouth. For the skeptics among us, I am sure this sounds like just another fish story, but it made me think of a way to illustrate just how much of a fiscal mess we are in with our current federal deficit.

The deficit for 2011 is about $1.5 trillion. ADF&G estimates that 33 million salmon will be caught in Kodiak this summer. To pay off the deficit would require that every fish have over $45,000 in its mouth if we were to use the same method as Jesus. Spread over the statewide salmon forecast, the amount drops to $7,300. Hardly chump or chum change.

The Republicans tried to pass the “cut, cap and balance” measure to address the debt problem, but this was rejected by the Democrat-controlled Senate as too harsh. Ask any cancer survivor if the chemotherapy that saved their life is harsh and they will likely answer in the affirmative. Our current debt is a cancer that threatens the financial integrity of not just our government but that of every citizen for the next several generations.

So far, Mr. Obama and the Democrats seem in favor of the status quo of “tax, borrow and spend.” Expecting a roll of cash to come out of each fish’s mouth makes more sense than what is coming out of the White House.

Kermit Reppond

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