KODIAK — When the Governor of Alaska has the power to undo months of hard work of sixty dedicated legislators who represent the people of Alaska by the mere stroke of a pen, he has undoubtedly been given too much power afforded by Alaska’s constitution. The Governor’s veto action defies democracy as we know it. The framers of our constitution assumed the office of the governor would be held by an honest and well-intentioned individual bent on continuing a legacy of giving Alaska and its people a better future.

Fortunately, the framers of our constitution knew that in case of a bad apple (Governor Mike Dunleavy), the people of this state would have the ability of a recall. I have lived and thrived as an Alaskan Native in this state all of my 62 years, and I deeply resent this Governor’s actions. He will continue to erode the morality and economy of our beloved state and take away the future of our friends and families who have built their lives with the dedication of so many governors and legislators actions before him. 

We as Alaskans must stand together and recall him. It will take time to restore our trust and reshape our future with new leadership, but it is necessary as we can’t continue on this path of destruction. We as voters were left with an uncertain slate during this last election for governor and I, like many others, were duped into believing I made the right choice. I did not. Please join me in signing a petition to recall Governor Dunleavy.

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