Once again our city officials want to show us how to spend (our) money and be fiscally irresponsible.

Attend or listen to this Thursday night's city council meeting, and you will learn just how.

Our property tax assessments have risen; the city sales tax is now 7 percent. Compliments of the K.F.D., it will now cost you more to take a ride in its ambulance. We better stay healthy and fit unless some of you have deep pockets.

There is a public hearing on the ordinance that is the front line and center topic of this Thursday's meeting.

Attendance should be a high priority. If at home, phone in.

The city wants to increase the wages and benefits of its employees; 120 are full-time.

The city wants to embark on a new system that will revise employees' job descriptions and duties. Some city benefits are tied to salary, therefore, these benefits would cost more.

This new wage structure would cost the city $504,000 annually; $389,000 in higher salaries and $115,000 for benefits.

The city manager thinks that it is affordable. Is there anything that she thinks is NOT affordable?

She and the council seem to have a sizable 'wish list'. Keep spending money and Kodiak will become either a ghost town or only affordable for certain people.

Before signing off, one matter is still unresolved, on the back burner and that is the sales cap. I haven't forgotten about it; have you?

Sarah L. Thayer

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