To the editor:

Now that we all know Joe Miller a little better, it’s clear he would be a poor choice for Alaska. Joe suggests he has Alaskans’ best interests at heart, yet refuses to answer probing questions pertaining to his history and ethics while working for the state of Alaska. He criticizes and wishes to abolish federal assistance programs while having benefitted from some of these very same programs while living in Alaska. He’s just another lawyer with a growing political ego (thuggish security guards in tow) with silly, unrealistic, grandiose ideas. He knows nothing about Alaska coastal community fisheries economy upon which our community depends.

People may be frustrated with politics and politicians, with the constant bickering and mudslinging and financial shenanigans. I understand the sentiment “kick ’em all out and let’s start all over.” But do you really expect a newbie to do any better than those with on-the-grounds experience? Lisa Murkowski may be a career politician (hey, so was Ted), but after all this time she understands the diverse needs of Alaskans, our communities and fisheries and has the experience and clout to actually accomplish things in D.C. Nobody, not even Lisa, will be able to please everyone all the time, but she seems the most rational choice for our state. Miller is just plain scary, while McAdams is inexperienced and voting for him in reality is just another vote for Miller. I encourage my neighbors, friends and coworkers to write in Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate (don’t forget to fill in the bubble).

Gabriel Saravia

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