Gary Stevens

Gary Stevens

Hello from Kodiak. Returning home after session this year, my wife Rita and I were greeted with great spring weather, a few rain showers, but this is Alaska and it is needed and we continue to wait for warm weather and great fishing.

So far it has been a busy interim; I have had the pleasure of visiting some of my new district. In April both Rita and I were warmly welcomed in the Bristol Bay Borough for the Naknek Electric Association’s 53rd annual membership meeting. While we were there, I was given the opportunity to meet with constituents at a Meet and Greet generously hosted by Naknek Electric Association and the Bristol Bay Borough assembly.

From King Salmon we flew back to Anchorage and attended the Alaska Rural Energy Conference, where I heard about the history of energy in Alaska and some of the most economic and effective energy efficiency and conservation measures. I understand how important it is that we find ways to supply means to affordable energy resources and I assure you, I am listening.

Ferry Service

As many of you know, on April 26 the Department of Transportation and the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) delivered bad news that the M/V Tustemena will not be returning to service until July. An updated schedule is available online at AMHS staff is contacting affected passengers; for more information, please call your local terminal or the AMHS central reservations office at 1-907-465-3941 or toll free at 1-800-642-0066.

May Meetings

May brought many speaking opportunities for me. I had the privilege of addressing the Alaska Tobacco Alliance in early May and was pleased to hear about all the exciting things they are doing to get the message out there encouraging Alaskans not to smoke.

Did you know that the average cost in Alaska for a package of cigarettes is $9 while the cost to the state and all of us in subsequent health care services and missed work is estimated to be an additional $19 per package?

I was also asked to give the graduation address at Kodiak College’s ceremony. We are so fortunate to have such access to college classes and a truly outstanding faculty.

The following week, Rita and I were pleased to attend the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s board meeting and seafood cookoff.

On the 19th I had the distinct honor of presenting Ms. McKenzie Barnett of Kodiak with the United States Naval Academy Scholarship at the 2013 Kodiak High School graduation ceremony. Congratulations to this outstanding achievement made by this amazing young woman.

Following this presentation I was invited to come and speak to the Emerging Leaders Dialogue, which was a group of some of our state’s finest young minds. From here, I go on to a number of meetings dealing with one of my favorite topics, Education, and what we as a state can do to help make our students’ learning experience more beneficial. I look forward to hearing these discussions and hope to apply some of what I learn to our state’s education system.

Copper River Salmon Headed for Global Market

Early Friday morning, an Alaskan Air Cargo plane carrying fresh Copper River Salmon landed in Seattle. It was also reported that Copper River Seafoods delivered fresh salmon to many stores and restaurants in Anchorage.

The much-anticipated salmon, hailing from the Copper River in Cordova, is considered some of the best fish available on the market and the global market is excited to get its hands on some. The fish was boxed and sent out shortly after being processed after the first commercial opener that was said to yield about 82,000 sockeyes and 700 kings, more fish will be shipped to global buyers after the next commercial opener.

Serving the State

Throughout the year, there are vacancies on the various state boards and commissions. You can find out more about these positions on the Internet at, or contact the governor’s office at (907) 465-3500.

Here to Help You With State Issues

Should you need help with any state issue or agency that you may be dealing with, please call my office or the Legislative Information Office (LIO) in your community.

The Kodiak LIO’s phone number is 486-8116.

You can track bills and resolutions online at:, or the Senate Majority’s Internet homepage at

Best regards,

Gary Stevens

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