Fellow Alaskans,

We write this as a reminder to you of the misdeeds of our governor, Michael Dunleavy.   Yes, he inherited a very sticky budget situation, one that our legislature and previous governors were incapable of solving over the last several years.  But Dunleavy’s solution is to balance the budget on the backs of our sick, elderly, homeless and students and to cut state services to the extent that the state’s economy would be threatened 

The budget director he hired lived in Alaska only two weeks before starting work.  She had already managed to bankrupt a couple of states, and has ours in her sights now (she’s recently been demoted, presently just a consultant).   Moody’s Investment Service is a professional, highly esteemed financial bond rating service.  They have downgraded the “credit score” of our state and our state university. The University of Alaska currently has the second lowest credit score of any quality state university in the country.

But more importantly, in his short tenure Dunleavy has violated the law and the state constitution. How do we abide his incompetence and lack of fitness? How does the child deprived of pre-school education recover? The elder who has to move out of the Pioneer Home?  The homeless person who dies of exposure because of no shelter?  The student whose U of A scholarship was cancelled?  The communities left with no access because of marine highway cutbacks?

The campaign to Recall Dunleavy has passed its first hurdle by garnering enough signatures for the recall application. Next comes the higher hurdle of getting enough signatures to get it on the ballot. The push for that will begin after the application signatures are verified, probably mid-November of this year.   At that time, remember to “SIGN AGAIN AND BRING TWO FRIENDS.”


Robyn CassidyRichard Ross

Jean DicksonLori Siebe 

Doug PengillyMike Williams

Lynda Ross


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