To the Editor,

Governor Dunleavy has taken to national media outlets to defend his incompetence and the destructive budget measures he is trying to impose on Alaska (“Dunleavy takes recall defense national with appearances on Fox News, Breitbart and other outlets,”, 10/24/2019).  Lacking support from the Alaskans that he supposedly represents and facing a popular Recall Dunleavy movement in Alaska, he is now taking his case to an Outside audience.  

Why does our governor make his appeal through national, rather than local Alaska, media? Perhaps he is hoping to gain support (financial or otherwise) from Outside interests to defend himself from the home-grown-in-Alaska recall movement.  Maybe our poor governor is just hoping to find a shoulder to cry on that he can’t find here in Alaska. 

Whatever his motivation is, it takes incredible political cynicism and a complete disregard for his constituents for Dunleavy to complain to an Outside audience about the issues that we, the people of Alaska, have with him as governor.   

Dunleavy whines in a national media interview that his opposition within Alaska represents “special interests,” illustrating that he considers those of us who wish to live, work, raise a family, retire, and grow old in Alaska to be “special interests.”  In the same interview, he betrays either his cluelessness or his lack of honesty by telling his Outside audience that we Alaskans who oppose his budget plan are merely “folks that want a larger government.”   

No, Governor Dunleavy, Alaska’s Recall Dunleavy movement is not about “special interests” or  “folks that want a larger government.” It is about Alaskans who expect their governor to be competent and honest. It is about Alaskans who expect their governor to not starve their government, but to lead it towards serving the needs of all Alaskans.

Douglas Pengilly, Jean Dickson, Arlene Simpler, Lori Siebe, Rae Jean Blaschka, Richard Ross, Lynda Ross



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Why should we be surprised by our governor's outreach? He is and has been a Koch-driven ideologue who always worked for Outside interests. His mistake was thinking his constituents believed the same things as he. He was voted in to office in an election that showed a historically low number of cast votes. The only thing to do is to impeach him and get people back to the polls to do the responsible and empowering thing: Vote!

Gene LeDoux

are these the same clowns stand by the post office with a peace flag, if so disregard any thing they say

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